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This is the home of Nathan O'Neal's latest musical efforts. Yeah, the url is kind of lame (natesongs) and it was sort of a joke (a play on Night Songs)... not a really funny joke but the domain was available so... Anyway, I'm nate and you're here. Yes, free mp3 music is here (but not the songs you're looking for) and yes, bloggy type information (but not the information you're looking for). So... why stick around? I honestly have NO IDEA!! You'd probably be better off just going to bed. You can thank me in the morning. If you do decide to spy in on me then why not send me an email?  And, if you'd like to use one of these songs in a creative project, shoot me an email.  That would make me happy (really, it would).

        ~^~   Listen to the Moving Sky!   ~^~


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